Wizkid Needs To Chill With The Freestyles, The Fans Deserve Better Music!

If you’ve been following Wizkid’s career path closely, you’d know him to be that guy that likes the big challenge. Even when he was in a safe-zone with EME, with a smooth-sailing career; he took the big risk of starting a label of his own, contrary to popular belief that it wasn’t going to turn out well.

With the same nerve, he set out to launch himself on the global music scene, even with the fear that artistes from Africa have struggled with the dynamics of the international music market in the past. Wizkidtook on the difficult and chancy challenge, and his hustle produced the Sounds From The Other Sidealbum, which scored high even on international music charts.

Having toured different countries in his pursuit of penetration into the global market, and after recording a level of success in his pursuit, he returned to Nigeria to his day-one fans, making it clear upon arrival that he returned to make some more music, hinting that he could record tens of song and even an album in his short stay. A lot of people, including myself, thought it was a joke but when the rain of songs started to pour down, I quickly readjusted my stance as if I never doubted him.

In quick succession, Wizkid lined up three songs; Medicine, Odoo and Medicine Remix. In fact the three songs dropped in the same week, defying the norm of strategically spacing musical releases to give each song enough time to grow on fans. A strategy that other artistes would quietly use to stay relevant all year round. For Wizkid, he doesn’t seem to care about the danger of running out of songs to drop in the next two – three months. He doesn’t even care that his #SFTOS just passed one month in the market, with its 12 tracks yet to reach their climax of airplays.


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